Chiropractic Massage and Body Wraps Omaha

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Published: 07th November 2012
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Dr. Chad Goodman has combined all the modern therapies like nutritional counseling, physical therapy and chiropractic care which has brought fame and success to his wellness center. The mission of the doctor has been to create healthier communities though wellness education. So far he has successfully treated over a thousand patients and changed hundreds of lives positively since 2009.

Treatments Available At the Center

The Goodman Chiropractic is well known for its success in the natural care of; natural weight loss, hormone balancing, neuropathy, digestive disorders, sleep problems, thyroid and fatigue, headaches, pain syndromes, athletic injuries and stress related illness. The innovative methods of treatments and services available for the patients are Spinal Adjustments, Weight Loss programs, Neuropathy, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Therapeutic Exercises, and many more. The director of the center being certified in physical and therapeutics and rehabilitation has helped the center provide excellent service in this field to the people of Omaha by coming up innovative programs like Self Mastery Technology. The competent staff of the center strives to provide friendly, sincere, successful and professional service to its customers in a relaxing and comfortable environment. The center also has facilities for the patients to get their X-Ray, CAT scan, and MRI Scan done in the premises.

Therapeutic exercise Omaha

Therapeutic exercises in chiropractic treatment helps in manipulation of spine through simple flexion and extension movements of the body parts. Some of the excellent therapeutic exercises have helped patients in convalescing condition to reach the peak of their physical abilities in a short span.

Therapeutic exercises help the patients in improving blood circulation, relaxing the muscles, increasing their flexibility and improving overall endurance of mind and body. The therapeutic exercises practiced in Health and Wellness Clinic includes the beneficial exercises like:
partial sit up

knee to chest

hip roll

low back extension


back extension


double leg lifts

spinal rotation

external shoulder rotation

internal shoulder rotation

lateral deltoid raise

front deltoid raise

single-arm lat pull down

stability ball push-ups

side lumbar bridge

single-leg reverse curl

crunch w/ stability ball

neck flexion

neck extension

neck lateral
These exercises have capacity in bringing the flexibility of the body to the extent that it will take the patient by surprise.

Herbalogica Omaha

The primary goal of Herbalogica Omaha is to purify the system and eliminate the toxic wastes from the body. The detoxification brings the benefits of cellulite reduction, weight loss and permanent inch loss to the patients effortlessly. Following are the causes and contributors of cellulite:

Failure of the body in processing water, resulting in water retention

Poor blood circulation leading to insufficient blood, lymph and water flow to specific body regions

Improper functioning of excretory system

Hardening of the connective tissue

Sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle

Collection of toxins in the body

The body contour wrap has Niacin based cream which helps the body to convert carbohydrates into fuel, which is then used to produce energy. It also facilitates metabolism of fats and protein, which in turn increases the function of the nervous system and lowers level of LDL. The body wraps also stimulate the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins from the body thus reducing cellulite, weight loss and reduction in body mass.

Dr. Chad Goodman is the director of Goodman Chiropractic & Omaha Total Health & Body, who brings to patients excellent service in the field of Chiropractic in Omaha. More information is available on their website about their excellent weight loss, therapeutic exercises Omaha and many more.

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